The story began with the passion to let people know about great creators in Chiba

“Craft fair” is now held many times throughout the year in many places nationwide in Japan.
Because there are a lot of people who appreciate the art pieces in their daily life and enjoys everyday life willingly.
“Niwanowa Art & Craft Fair, Chiba” is also one of these. It started in 2012 as a pilot event and we welcomed a lot of visitors every year from 2013 to 2018.
Speciality of “Niwanowa Art & Craft, Chiba” is that our exhibitors / artists have passions to the land of “Chiba”. For instance, they are from “Chiba” prefecture, they create their art pieces in “Chiba” or they used to live in “Chiba”.
We run this fair with the objective to let people know that there are many great artists who live in “Chiba” area and to create the space to communicate among artists.

The venue is “Sakura Joshi Park” in Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture.
It is a place for a leisure for citizens and people can appreciate the nature all through the year and it history with its remains from Edo and Meiji era.
“National Museum of Japanese History” (called as “Rekihaku” by citizens) is located next to it.
You will learn Japanese history and culture from the aspect of how they lived “life”, from primitive era, ancient times to recent period.

We aim to organize this “Niwanowa Art & Craft Fair, Chiba” with the proud of Chiba origins and with the local arts & crafts based on our local food, industry and culture. We believe it is a very unique and distinguished concept from other craft fairs.