The story began with the passion to let people know
about great creators in Chiba.

We aim to organize this "Niwanowa Art & Craft Fair, Chiba"
with the proud of Chiba origins and with the local arts & crafts
based on our local food, industry and culture.
We believe it is a very unique and distinguished concept from other craft fairs.

About entry

Entry of "Art & Craft" category exhibitors will begin from 10th January 2024

Exhibitors/ artists of "Niwanowa Art & Craft, Chiba" have some passions to the land of "Chiba". The exhibitors will be selected from applicants.
We look forward to your entry as we are willing to provide the place that exhibitors/ artists can communicate one another to cultivate networking.


"Niwanowa Art & Craft Fair, Chiba" will be held in "Sakura Joshi Park", surrounded by rich nature and loved by citizens

"Sakura Joshi Park" is a remains of Sakura Castle which is built about 400 years ago, in early Edo era.
It is a place for a leisure for citizens and people can appreciate the nature all through the year.
You will see Sakura (cherry blossom) in spring, iris and routs flower in early summer, and beautiful leaves in autumn.
"National Museum of Japanese History" (called as "Rekihaku" by citizens) is located next to it.
You will learn Japanese history and culture from the aspect of how they lived "life", from primitive era, ancient times to recent period.